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I am Avery Gray

I am a visual artist from Denver, Colorado who creates to explore the concept of identity, relationships, equality, and sexuality. Throughout my art, I focus on the unique experience of womanhoodI graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Photography in 2020 with a minor in Ceramic arts. Through the use of mixed media, I am able to fully explore and freely depict my concepts to my viewers. Nostalgic emotions can be felt throughout most of my work by my extremely meticulous and detailed connections of parallels to our childhoods through metaphors and poems I create through layered images is my way of explaining how my mind works, letting my viewers in.


My work has been in exhibitions across the US, internationally, virtually, and can even be found onset of a Hulu show. I celebrated my first Solo Exhibition in the summer of 2021 fully self-curated and am working towards the next project ahead of me. I'm happiest sitting in the studio, my Grammy's photos all around me, my cat in my lap, surrounded by my plant babies, arranging and rearranging for hours with the same playlist on for hours. True love to me is letting me see your family's old photos.




BFA Photography, Ceramic Art Minor - Savannah College of Art and Design



Solo Exhibition- The 'C' Word, Cedar Gallery Savannah GA

Group Exhibition- Colorado Vibes vol. 6, Spectra Art Space Denver CO

Group Exhibition- Barcelona Contemporary, Valid World Hall

Interview - Private View Blog

Online Feature- Photo Scad


Online Feature- Creatively

 San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards (Gold Award Recipient) 

Group Exhibition- Bokeh Bokeh Photo online feature

Group Exhibition- Savannah Clay Community, Sip Show, Savannah GA




Group Exhibition- SCAD Open Studio, Savannah GA

Group Exhibiton- Out of the Fire, (Honorable Mention) Savannah GA

Online Publication- publication

Solo Exhibition- Senior Art Show, (Best in Show) Highlands Ranch CO

Shoot me a message! I'd love to chat, answer any questions, or collab! 

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